Friday, 24 March 2017

937. Canada Joint Issue With France Commemorates Vimy Ridge.

  🇨🇦 Canada Post will issue a single stamp and 1 miniature sheet on 8 April 2017 as a joint issue with La Poste to commemorate the Centenary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The "P" value will be issued in self-adhesive format from booklets of ten and the miniature sheet is gummed. The issue was designed by Sarah Bougault and Susan Scott with the illustration being "inspired by Chris Howes". Rating:- *****.

  🇬🇸 Fish seem to be the subject of a number of issues this year and the next issue from the postal service of Ascension Island will continue this theme with a set of 6 stamps on the subject of Local Eels. The set uses photographs by Dr. Andrew Richardson of AIG Conservation and is unusual in its depiction of eels in a single set. Five species of Moray eels and a Spotted snake eel are shown on the stamps which were designed by Bee Design and lithographed by Lowe-Martin Group and perforated 13.5. This is another highly interesting issue from Creative Direction/Pobjoy, Rating:- *****.

  🇱🇰 Sri Lanka Post issued a single stamp on 21 March 2017 to commemorate the Centenary of Girl Guiding in the country. The stamp was designed by P Isuru Chataranga and printed in lithography. Rating:- ***.

  🇯🇪 Jersey Post issued a Commemorative sheet of 20 x "UK" rate "Jersey Flag" stamps with attached labels on 22 March 2017 on the subject of "Welcome to Jersey". In many ways this is an attractive item, including as it does many local scenes including a portrait of a pretty Jersey cow, but I generally dislike these extremely overpriced Commemorative sheets and gave up collecting them a long time ago. How much nicer it would have been to have a series of proper stamps featuring these images and sold at face value rather than at a premium price. So, despite this being an attractive item of local relevance, its rating is * and no more.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

936. Northern Cyprus Features Dolphin, Bhutan Depicts Mini-Temples.

  🇹🇷 The postal service of The Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus issued a single stamp on 23 February 2017 on the subject of Dolphins. The stamp was designed by GN Sonmezer and lithographed by Devlet Basimevi and is an interesting and attractive item. Rating:- *****.

  🇧🇹 Bhutan Post has issued a sheetlet containing 4 different stamps and 1 miniature sheet on the fascinating subject of Tashigomangs. As the text in the borders of the sheets explains, these are miniature temples carried on the backs of Buddhist priests from village to village so that those who gaze on them are able to obtain blessings from doing so. Another excellent and modestly priced issue of local interest from Bhutan Post. I do not yet know the date of issue. Rating:- *****.

  🇲🇾 Pos Malaysia issued a set of 3 stamps and 1 miniature sheet on 17 March 2017 as the second part of its Festival Food series. This issue depicts Kadazandusun and Dayak cuisine and was designed by KY Lim of Reign Associates. This is an enjoyable and pleasant ongoing series. Rating:- *****.

  🇲🇿 Finally this week's paraphilatelic stuff from the infamous Stamperija includes items with the name of Mozambique printed on them with the numerous subjects being eclectic in the extreme:- Special transport, Big cats, Sea birds, Concorde, Bees, Owls, Hornbills, Lighthouses, Marilyn Monroe, Ferrari cars, Japanese high speed trains, Snakes, Orchids, Fire engines and Turtles (the usual 15 "miniature sheets" and 15 "sheetlets" each containing 4 different "stamps"). Rating:- 0. These items are said to have been "issued" on 10 February 2017 though where they were issued is not so clear. There's little point in reproducing all of this stuff as it is all in similar format but below I illustrate a couple of items from this "issue" just to demonstrate what it looks like:-

Monday, 20 March 2017

935. Singapore's Founding Father Featured On New Issue.


  🇸🇬 Singapore Post issued a set of 5 stamps and 2 miniature sheets (one termed "a Collectors sheet") on 14 March 2017 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of National Service in Singapore. One of the stamps depicts the country's father figure, Lee Kuan Yew, who has been depicted on stamps of Singapore only rarely (see Blog 541) and for that reason the issue is quite notable. The issue was designed by Leo Teck Chong and lithographed by Secura and perforated 13. The 2 1st Local stamps have also been issued in a self-adhesive sheetlet of 10 stamps (5 x 2 stamps). Rating:- *****. 

  🇳🇦 The postal service of Namibia, Nam Post, issued a miniature sheet on 3 March 2017 to commemorate the hosting of the 12th Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation in Windhoek. As usual it is an interesting and well designed item. Rating:- ****.

   🇬🇧 Royal Mail will issue a new Post and Go stamp on 21 April 2017 on the occasion of the 2 day 88th Congress of the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies to be held in Perth. Two kiosks will be present at the congress - A012 and A014. A012 will dispense the Thistle labels and the Machin Head labels with additional inscriptions "88th Scottish Congress 2017" and importantly the Thistle labels will be available for the first time printed digitally in single design strips. A014 will dispense the Thistle and Heraldic Lion labels with the same additional inscription. Rating:- *.

  🇬🇧 Royal Mail issued 5 Machin Head definitive stamps in new colours to meet altered postal rates. The stamps have been printed in gravure by De La Rue Security Print and are self-adhesive and perforated 15 x 14. The colours are named exotically:- £1.17p sunset red, £1.40p dark green pine, £1.57p tarragon green, £2.27p harvest gold and £2.55p garnet red. Rating:- **.

  🇬🇧 On the same date Royal Mail also issued 8 new stamps in the £1.17p and £1.40p values for the 4 regions of The United Kingdom - England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The stamps were lithographed by International Security Printers and perforated 15 x 14. Rating:- **.

  🇮🇳 A "My Stamp" sheetlet of 12 stamps with attached labels was released by India Post on 10 February 2017 to commemorate Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. Rating:- *.

  🇿🇦 The South African Post Office has issued a self-adhesive sheetlet made up of 10 different stamps to commemorate the Centenary of the University of Fort Hare. I do not yet know the date of issue.

Friday, 17 March 2017

934. New Falklands Wrecks Set Should Get Twitchers Twitching.

  🇫🇰 A splendid new set of 4 stamps from the Falkand Islands postal service will be issued on 27 March 2017 on the subject of Local shipwrecks. The designs are taken from some striking photographs by Tony Chater and lithographed by Cartor and perforated 13.5 x 13.
  The stamps will be particularly interesting to collectors of Birds on stamps since various types of birds are to be seen perching on the wrecks. I shall look forward to seeing what species are identified on the stamps by philatelic twitchers. Rating:- *****.

  🇬🇮 The Royal Gibraltar Post Office issued a set of 6 stamps and 1 miniature sheet on 6 February 2017 to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II. The set is a rather unimaginative collection of black and white photographs, with tinges of colour in the stamps and miniature sheet stamp. This is yet another design by Stephen Perera who perhaps should give someone else a chance. The issue was lithographed by Cartor, rating:- **.

  🇸🇱 For those who can't find enough pictures of newly elected USA President Donald Trump, Stamperija, released on 30 January 2017, a delightful "sheetlet" of 4 different "stamps" and 1 "miniature sheet" on the subject of what it calls "Trump's Transport". What can be more fascinating to the people of Sierra Leone, the country whose name is printed on these items, than photographs of President Trump smirking at his exceedingly expensive motor cars?

  No doubt too that the people of Sierra Leone have been in national mourning after the death of the aged and polyandrous Hollywood actress Zsa Zsa Gabor who also has a sheetlet of 4 different "stamps" with accompanying miniature sheet dedicated to her and they will be rushing to their post offices to snap up the 32 stamps (8 sheetlets) and 8 miniature sheets showing "Masterpiece" paintings. The featured art subjects are:-  Surrealism, Romanticism, Post Impressionism, Work of Ivan Aivazovsky, Work of Frieda Kahlo, Ancient Egyptian art, Art by Klimt and Art by Rodin. All 8 "sets" are similar in format and time is too valuable to be wasted depicting them all but as an example the "Masterpieces of Surrealism" stuff is reproduced below. Rating:- 0.